About me

About me

I grew up on the south coast of England and have always loved being outdoors. Driven by exploring new places and meeting new people I have travelled extensively throughout the world capturing moments as I go.

I am always planning my next trip and travelling all over the world has allowed me to diversify my experience in photography. I love exploring mountain landscapes in winter or summer, as I love to escape city life. There is nothing better than being rewarded for your 4am alarm, or long hike with some good scenery or incredible conditions. 

Being so outdoor orientated i naturally gravitated towards adventure photography, but in the year since i've been freelance my portfolio has diversified, and I find myself shooting a lot of lifestyle, automotive, interior and automotive photography alongside a few others.

 As well as going on adventures and being a freelance photographer, I also love write about my trips, writing adventure blogs or photography guides from my trips. I also share engaging story highlights on my Instagram from trips. You can view some of my written work here:

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