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Japan February 2024

Hello! My name is Pete and I run a sports and lifestyle agency in the UK.

In February 2024 me and my colleagues Joe Leeper and Elliot Waring, will be visiting Hokkaido for 10 days from the 1-11. Having visited Japan for the last few years and shooting numerous skiing projects working with Crystal Ski, Snow + Rock, Mabey Ski, Planks we wanted to get in touch with this media kit of work we've produced over the years.

We wanted to share some ideas for a hotel photo/video shoot that include a much more exciting lifestyle element, of course including plenty of skiing, culture and some ski touring to show off all that you can do in the area!

Please take some time to review our portfolio and we'd love to work with you this February.

Who are we?

ME DOlO MAIn.jpg

Pete is a 29 year old photographer based in The New Forest, UK that specialises in sport and lifestyle content. Driven by exploring new places and meeting new people he loves to travel, capturing authentic moments along the way. As a current Fujifilm UK ambassador he is always content with a camera in his hand and a narrative to expose through his photography.



Elliot is a 31 year old filmmaker based in Manchester, UK. He specialises in sports and outdoor video content with a strong foothold in documentary too.  Elliot's commercial work has taken him all over the globe and allowed him to collaborate with some of the world’s most recognised brands.


Joe is a 31 year old photographer based in Wanaka, New Zealand. Joe specialises in sports and landscape photography. He has worked on including photography services for editorials, commercial imagery for campaigns, social media and websites. 


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Scroll through some previous work


Potential Deliverables

  • High Res photosets, mixture of skiing, landscape and lifestyle imagery from resort/backcountry and ski touring.

  • Longer form video showcasing all of the finer details of your hotel and everything you can do in Hokkaido.

  • Vertical cut downs focusing on the skiing, cuisine, town, culture etc. 

Jackery FINAL V2.jpg


Between us we have a variety of experience and have developed a great working relationship from shooting together on numerous projects. We would love to combine these on a shoot for you! If you're interested, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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