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Ellis Brigham Summer Adventure Shoot

In May 2022 I pitched Ellis Brigham an adventure film based on a couple of friends heading out for a hike, setting up a wild camp and finishing with a wild swim in a picturesque location in Scotland. This would aim to hit Ellis Brigham's key sales areas for the summer ahead. We opted to shoot this in Glencoe as it's an area that would resonate with a UK audience well. I organised a team of 2 models, alongside photographer Alice Greenfield and drone operator Sam Morris to assist with this shoot and waited for a nice sunny weekend in May in Scotland to capture the content. 

The shoot was done in collaboration with Zone 3 and Rab and also included 2 shorter form videos specifically based on products from each of these companies aimed at social media use. 

Photography by Sam Morris & Alice Greenfield (@adriftvisuals)

Videography by Pete Elliott

Drone by Sam Morris

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