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Hotel Case Study

Hello! My name is Pete and with my colleague Tom we run a creative agency based in London that specialises in lifestyle and property/hotel work. 


We wanted to share some ideas for a hotel photo/video shoot that include a much more exciting lifestyle element with transitions to keep the piece interesting and elevate the content compared to usual slow paced hotel and property work.

We've previously shot for London Edition, Maine Mayfair, Club Med and more.

We didn't want to drown you with our full portfolio, please see our previous project below, we'd love to create something similar for you!

Me and Tom Pic.jpg

Who are we?

Pete is a 30 year old photographer based in London that specialises in outdoor and lifestyle content. Driven by exploring new places and meeting new people he loves to travel, capturing authentic moments along the way. As a current Fujifilm UK ambassador he is always content with a camera in his hand and a narrative to expose through his photography.



Tom is a 28 year old filmmaker based in London, UK. Tom specialises in sports and fashion video content with a strong foothold in documentary too. He is recognised as an RTS award winner and finds joy in earthing out unique filming techniques and cinematic difference that will set projects apart. Tom’s commercial work has taken him all over the globe and allowed him to collaborate with some of the world’s most recognised brands.



We recently produced a campaign video, photoset and series of vertical reels for Cul De Sac in the USA to promote the area for property buyers.

The work below exemplifies the dynamic and engaging content that we specialise in creating. Our production weaves together captivating lifestyle elements, a fast-paced video narrative, and fluid transitions that not only capture attention but also tell a compelling story about the property. In the highly competitive hospitality industry, where first impressions matter most, we believe adopting this style of content is important.


Our approach goes beyond traditional promotional material, offering a visually stimulating experience that resonates with the modern hotel guest. We understand the unique charm and distinct features of each hotel or property we work at, and our team works hard to translate these into visually stunning narratives. By choosing us, you're not just hiring a content creator; you're partnering with a small, agile team committed to crafting a visual journey that elevates your hotel's brand. 

We offer a 30/45s campaign video showing off the key features of the hotel, and a package of 5-10 reels that break down these key features into sections, rooms, food & drink, amenities, atmosphere etc. This will leave you with a variety of photo/video content to use throughout summer.

Below is the campaign video and series of vertical cut downs to show off unique elements of the development.

Our Idea

Other previous work



Between us we have a variety of experience and have developed a great working relationship from shooting together on numerous projects. We would love to combine these on a shoot for you! If you're interested, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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